Thursday 9 January 2014

Frederick William Birmingham

Frederick William Birmingham was born in the Irish town of Westport, County Mayo. Frederick’s father was a civil engineer named William Birmingham (1791-1848) who probably helped him get his first job, aged 17, assisting with a major project to survey the West of Ireland. He then spent the next eight years surveying Ireland and England before moving to New York.
In 1852 he arrived in Australia. After an extended stay in Victoria, he settled down in Parramatta, where he rented an office in Fennel Street. On April 20, 1855, he took up a draftsmans position in the Surveyor Generals Department. As a man of integrity and ability, he was elected as an alderman in 1865 and then again in 1867.

Neera Sahni, Research Services Leader 2014
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Birmingham’s Ark: An airship from the spirit world. By Chris Aubeck

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