Monday 16 June 2014

Parramatta Post Office - a history

The Joint Stock Bank and Post Office in Church Street, Parramatta, circa 1930

The first post office was opened in Australia in April 1809 but it took nearly twenty years before the first post office was built in Parramatta, in 1828.

The first post master in Parramatta was James Orr, who carried out his business from a hole in the wall at the back of the Court House.  Orr also hired a postie to deliver letters around Parramatta, and postage was paid at the time of delivery.

Wednesday 4 June 2014

The Anderson Fountain, Parramatta - A Surgeon's Gift

The Anderson Fountain, photo Peter Arfanis

Many who have seen the Anderson Fountain, located at the north west corner of Prince Alfred Park, could be forgiven for thinking the fountain was constructed on that spot in 1882. In fact the Anderson Fountain was originally located on the site of Centennial Fountain in Parramatta Mall, near the old Town Hall.